Monday, November 19, 2012

I am now on Twitter


One hundred and fourteen followers. Not that I'm counting. First impressions; it's like a very slow gig where loads of people just stare and occasionally people tut and walk out.

Oh, that's quite good. I should tweet that.


Writer's Guild of Great Britain Awards 2012

"Best TV Drama Series: Being Human - Toby Whithouse, Tom Grieves, John Jackson, Lisa McGee, Jamie Mathieson"

So I won an award. Which was nice. Well, technically, on eighth of an award. As I wrote one episode in an eight ep run.

Toby has already won two solo Writer's Guild awards for Being Human. I think we can all see the burning resentment in his eyes at having to share the stage this time around.

As we left the stage, I mentioned that he'd already got two of these things cluttering his mantel, so maybe he should... Toby finished my sentence for me. 'You're absolutely right. I'll leave it with Touchpaper.' (The production company)