Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Adam Bloom Is A Lovely Guy

Adam Bloom
Originally uploaded by Steve Best
Adam Bloom is a lovely guy. Don't get me wrong.

He's a stand up comic that I've bumped into a few times over the years and he's always friendly and nice. But he's hyperactive. And he's one of those comics that's never “off”. I don't think I've ever discussed anything with him other than joke structure, the strengths and weaknesses of his act, my act, other comedian's acts. At speed. With intensity. Which is fine for a few minutes backstage. But hours of it can become wearing. I've heard stories of comics losing it with him over the years. So when I read the headline:

“Comic Bloom is locked alone in a bunker for 48hrs”

I thought another comic had finally snapped:

Annoyed Comic: “Right! That's it! You dissect one more of my punchlines and I'm locking you in the dark in a nuclear bunker for two days.”

Adam: “But maybe you could make it a double punch – or a call back.”

Annoyed Comic: “You were warned...”

Turns out my “other comic snapping” was well wide of the mark – he volunteered. But the thought of it really made me laugh. If I had to pick a comic to lock in a bunker alone for 48 hours that really wouldn't cope with it very well, it would be Adam.

All the best if you're reading this, mate. Good luck with the recuperation.