Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Film Publicity

I'm chuckling to myself as I watch the ripples of publicity spread across the net. Errors being copied, reworded and becoming the new truth.

At the moment there are only two original sources; The Hollywood Reporter and Empire, but The Reporter has misspelled Marc Wootton's name as "Wootan", an error which is popping up like mushrooms elsewhere, making it quite easy to see who is simply rearranging the words from this story.

And sometimes in the reinterpretation, meaning is lost, such as Virgin Movie's assertion that "The 'Scary Movie' actress will play the role of one of three misfits who try to figure out the complexities of chronological time travel while drinking in the pub."

Come on guys. Do the maths. Or "math", if you're in the US, which is kind of appropriate as there is one less letter than there should be.

We have three blokes and one girl from the future. Which is why we name three male actors and one female. Anna is not one of the three misfit blokes.

This doesn't stop the pure speculation of filmstalker: "The story sounds a bit like a British Bill and Ted. Two guys are sitting in the pub discussing how time travel could really happen and what the issues of paradoxes are when suddenly Faris appears as a time traveller herself"

Wow. It's like he read the script. For some other film.

But a couple of sites have complemented the title, such as Cinema Blend and Slashfilm, who call it "The most interesting movie title in years"

Hooray, my first positive review!

Then they ruin it all by saying that the "plot doesn't sound as interesting as the title".

Boo! They give with one hand and they take with the other.

The moral of the story: Never read reviews. Even of the one line announcements of your films.


Pin-gli said...

Hey Jamie - loving your work - just updated FN with the news too!

Anonymous said...
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Richard Brunton - Filmstalker said...

Hey Jamie, don't get so worried about these little titbits. I'm merely commenting on what I have to hand which is the title and an extremely short blurb, be thankful that this is getting out.

If I wasn't to comment on the story from my viewpoint then I wouldn't have put the story out there as I'm not just going to repeat press releases.

The answer is to put out a decent blurb about the story and get people hooked in. Or forget it and get on with the film knowing that we'll all be talking about it once it's out.

Feel free to come over to Filmstalker and put me right!

If you don't mind I'm adding your blog feed to my Filmmakers list and I'll be keeping an eye on the site for updates.

Jamie Mathieson said...

Rereading my crit of your piece, I was a bit of a tool. After all, you have only have a one line outline to go on. I'll talk to the producers to see if anything more substantial can be released...

Richard Brunton said...

Jamie, that would be superb.

I wouldn't say tool though, that's a bit harsh. You're obviously protective and caring about your work.

More info would be great, and feel free to let me know directly and I'll post it up straight away...well, almost straight away!